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Affiliate Partnerships Consulting and Delivery

We manage affiliate partnerships in an ethical and scalable manner. We seek to understand the objectives of the client with whom we work and optimise an affiliate strategy accordingly. We do not have a set formula, instead the bespoke approach that we adopt is dependent on each individual client and project. We know affiliates, consumers and clients objectives can vary in each territory so we always tailor our offering according to the local market. Affiliate and other forms of performance marketing involve e-commerce businesses partnering with other third parties to drive traffic, leads and sales. A successful programme requires close management and expertise to get the most from all the different affiliate types, from voucher and incentive sites, through to bloggers and review sites.

Our services cover the following areas:
– Attribution
Recognise the value of different affiliate types (e.g. content, PPC and cashback) with the help of our attribution model

– Cashback sites
Understand the role of these sites in your typical customer’s journey and discover whether the cash back phenomenon is cannibalising sales that you should attribute elsewhere

– Cross-channel
Determine whether SEO brand clicks are more effective than affiliates – or simply masking the role of affiliates in the sales journey.

– Deal brokering
By brokering cost per action (CPA) deals where appropriate, we can reduce un-needed clicks and help you gain better financial returns.

– Developing and maintaining close relationships with top affiliates across the brands
– Managing budgets to ensure clients spend their budget efficiently
– Regularly reporting on performance to clients and providing opportunities for them to grow
– Analysing the results of past campaigns to help influence future campaigns
– Developing new opportunities by keeping in close contact with industry news, events, publishers and personalities
– Provide weekly or monthly insight into your accounts performance and highlight any areas of growth or risk
– Compiling and presenting results to your clients
– Devising a thorough boardroom-level affiliate strategy
– A holistic approach to program management
– Monitoring – and benchmarking against – competitors: to help you stay competitive and react quickly to changing retail conditions, we constantly track your performance against other retailers and suggest strategy modifications (e.g. hiring a second network).
– Affiliate engagement strategies & actionable, tailored reporting
– Also: Attribution and wider data analysis, Pay per click search traffic, Natural search traffic, Links to other websites, Own organic website traffic, Advertising, White labelling & co-branding, Negotiating commissions, Setting up of accounts. 

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