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"We recently hosted two Polish boys for a month. The organisation and planning for their stay and the activities they did were really thorough and well thought out. The communication with Enso was great and we really enjoyed hosting the boys. Also payment was very prompt! Will definitely host again!" - Nicole

"Being a host family for foreign students is great! The students I had few weeks ago were really polite, kind and respectful. I always tell them, they should feel at home while they staying with me and I treat them like my own sons or daughters. I like cooking so I fed them really well. They like to joke I fatten them up.
I really enjoy looking after foreign students, because I can learn some of their language or they can learn from me as well!" - Lyn

"The two boys I had with me were lovely. They really came out of their shell during their time with me. I was so worried about cooking for them (I'm a terrible cook) but we had great laughs and they we so much fun. I was really sad to say goodbye. I've told them they can come back and visit anytime. It was a rewarding experince."- Ruth 

"We've really enjoyed hosting. Much more than we expected. Initally we took two students for two weeks to then decided to take another two for three months. Its been a wonderful experience. We've felt very supported by Enso and the students have all been wonderful! We've had some hilarious moments and its great to learn about other cultures!" - Ashley


"I had a really good time with my host family, one of the things that I am really happy for is that they were taking a lot of care for me, but never forgetting about my own privacy, looking for conversations and sharing moments together. A really enjoyable experience." - Pedro, Spanish 

"We spent with Margaret a month. That was amazing experience of gaining self confidence, independence and communicability in another country. Margaret was a great host for us, always smiling, Asking "how was you day?", and willing to talk. I improved my English by every day conversations and now I am more confident to use my English. We hope to meet her again soon or later  :)"
- Iza, Polish

"I'm happy to be in this host family, home gold! They are really nice, patient and help me when i have trouble. And he made me discover a lot of things and i have learned a lot. I try lots of new food and we sit down and have dinner together and practice english. I love them my hosts."
- Gilles, French

"Jane is great everything she cooks is so nice! Shes always got a smile on her face and she is a very nice lady. She always proposes places for us to go and makes really great advice so we have good times when we are not working. I was a little worried before I came but I couldn't have expected a better host family!"
- Clement, French

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