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Follow your dream profession: Accountancy and Retail

There are different ways to learn a new profession. One of them is to go to a different country and learnt from their experience. That's what 10 students from Poland did over 2 weeks in London on a project called "Follow your dream profession" about accountancy and retail shops.

They got to The Stay Club Camden, and observe the City of London, while discussing culture clash in UK and talking about UK trade / prices differences in Poland VS UK. On a different day and at their visit to Bank of England Museum, the students learn about business plans for small and medium-sized companies, both theory and practice, and transfer of experience from the English market to the Polish one.

To get them in the spirit of critical thinking, students in groups prepared presentations with the trainer on the "innovative" changes they want to introduce / promote (a combination of skills from accounting, HR and business).

While in Saint Pancras Community Association, they learned the current hiring situation in the UK and had to create a job advert, research hiring boards and mock interview questions.

They also got to visit key London landmarks including Buckingham palace, Tate Britain and visited London's Luxury Retail Outlet Fortnum and Mason. Taking part in this course was an invaluable experience for these students. We are so pleased they enjoyed their time in the UK and wish them all the best in their next steps!


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