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The Last One: European Network for Focus on Upskilling Pathways

After 3 years, 5 Transnational Project Meetings, we get to the final meeting of “European Network for Focus on Upskilling Pathways”(FOCUS) in Greece. The 5th Transnational Meeting was held in a hybrid mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The participants discussed the most important last steps of the project implementation, assess the dissemination of project activities and explore possibilities for future collaboration based on the project results in a collaborative environment.

The Portuguese partner, Ensino Professional de Tomar, described the framework of VET education in Portugal and the innovation aspects that the FOCUS project brought in their educational offers, with the presentation of a lot of successful cases. Next, the UK partner, Enso Group shared info about the local activities implemented, including 3 workshops for Upskilling. Enso Group organized also the learning activity in Clevedon, where many external speakers were involved, from local institutions that deal with upskilling and employability. The online participants from the Italian partner, Euroforms presented the relevant content published in social media pages of the organization. The coordinator, Fundacja Gaudete displayed all actions undertaken for the dissemination of the project. The Greek partner, Academy of Entrepreneurship presented the relevant dissemination activities that consisted of the local events, presentation of the project during 5 Info Days in 2020.

During meeting the partnership got to assess the impact of project, having managed during 2 years of a international pandemic to reach a high number of beneficiaries. All participants had an opportunity to learn about real examples from the activities of organizations supporting low-skilled Adults as well as from the lives and experiences of adults. By organising the local events and inviting local career counsellors, representatives of vocational schools, members of the local community and adults, the project had a direct impact on the these organizations and their representatives, and it will have an impact on the direct beneficiaries of these organizations.

After 4 years, with the intervention of Gaudete Foundation, Escola Profissional de Tomar, Academy Entrepreneurship Training, Enso Group and Euroform RFS, the partnership improved the communities involved and ultimately fulfilled the objective of increasing the Focus on Upskilling Pathway throughout Europe.


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